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To all who support Eisui's activities

Thank you very much for always supporting Eisui's activities
I have an atelier in Hayakawa-cho, Japan's smallest town, and I live there every day surrounded by nature with my many pets.

Until 20 years ago, I lived in a big city.

So it was difficult at first to get used to living here.

There are no hospitals and no supermarkets.
Living in the mountains, where the cries of animals echoed through the pitch-black nights, was an unknown world that I had never experienced before.
During this time, I became ill, which led me to study the words of Buddha.
The way of life here, surrounded by nature, and the words of Buddha began to show me a world completely different from the world I had seen before.

The days when I lived in a big city chasing my dreams, the days when I didn't know what to work for, the days when I thought of giving up on my dreams and hopes, and the days when I was shaken by the horrors of nature. I believe that the days when I held my daughter's hand were all necessary events to create the artist known as Eisui.

Living here has humbled me and made me realize, not only through knowledge, but also through my body, that all life is being kept alive in a cycle under a great power.
This experience nurtured my desire to someday see the world as Buddha saw it, and it has supported my energy to create works while learning various things from everyday life.

If possible, I hope that it will be an opportunity for people who are suffering like I was in the past to think, "Let's move forward even though we are worried."


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I share on an irregular basis the random opinions, moving views, and feelings about life here, which is the starting point for our work.
It is very convenient to check the latest information on events and to register for events.

We have also prepared a free sample of "Meditation Line Drawing" for you to download as many times as you like.
I will be very happy if you find it useful in your life!
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Would you like to know more about the production and behind-the-scenes of the exhibition?!
Do you want to support Eisui's worldview and activities?
In the online salon, I'll tell you all about myself, laughing and worrying as I try to move forward!
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OnlineCommunity "Eisui's Atelier"

The subscriptions are used to fund the exhibitions organized by Eisui and the Japanese National Shabutsukai.
We seriously believe that art can transcend language and deliver messages directly to the depths of the heart.
We are planning various projects that will bring us in touch with our fans in the hope that those who find it difficult to live will be inspired to look forward and walk forward.

Please support us so that we can continue our activities
throughout Japan and around the world.


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