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What we tell you at the Shabutu lesson

You may be worried that Syabutsu requires difficult techniques.
However, with Syabutu taught by Eisui,
even people who have never held a brush before will be able to draw from the first day they participate.
Eisui will teach you everything from basic techniques such as how to hold a brush and how to draw lines, to advanced techniques for drawing more beautiful lines, tailored to each student's skill level.

Also, Syabutsu is not just for the purpose of learning the technique of beautifully depicting the Buddha's appearance.

Syabutsu is a Buddhist practice that encourages introspection to face one's own heart.

Through Syabutsu, you will have the experience of confronting your inner self, which comes to the surface by drawing with no mind.

Also, by repeating Syabutsu, you will be able to feel the comfort of immersing yourself deeper into the world of nothingness.
You can take Syabutsu's example home. It can be used over and over again. I encourage you to try Syabutsu again and again using it.




What is the Shabustu

Shabutsu is the act of placing a thin sheet of Japanese paper on top of a model and copying Buddhist deities by tracing the lines of the model that can be seen through the paper.

This is one of the Buddhist practices said to accumulate the same merits as Shakyo(sutra copying).

Since there were no cameras or copying machines in the past, monks who had studied in India began to copy important sutras and images of gods and Buddha by hand when they returned to their homeland.

Shabutsu and Syakyo was one of the important practices for spreading the teachings of Buddha.



Eisui original method
Meditation drawing = Mindreflection

It is a method of self-cultivation that anyone in the world can experience, combining Shabutsu+breathing+art.

Mind Reflection® is a self-cultivation method developed by Eisui that anyone around the world can experience by combining Shabutsu, breathing, and art.

In Mind Reflection®, one concentrates on the lifeblood of the brush tip and draws a line with one's breath on the line.
This is a self-cultivation method that improves line drawing techniques and at the same time induces a meditative state.

We can visually confirm our meditative state by looking at the lines that appear.

Currently, under the supervision of Professor Motoi Ido of Tokyo University of Science, we are conducting research on the brain wave state during this meditative drawing.

The model, which is close to the hearts of people today, is designed to be experienced by people of any religious denomination around the world, and is being shared around the world as a self-cultivation tool.



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