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Urei Naki Seijyaku (Unperturbed – Calm Stillness)


In the part of a passage from Amida-kyō (Sukhavati sutra), there is a story that the Buddha explained to Sāriputta, an Indian monk, and other monks, about the Land of Happiness in Buddhism. In one of those explanations he says that “There is a pond of seven treasures in the Land of Happiness, which is full of water with eight blessings. Golden sands are laid at the bottom of the pond, and steps placed in four basic directions are decorated with gold, silver, lapis lazuli, etc. Large lotus flowers, shaped like wheels, bloom in the pond. There, the blue lotus gleams blue, yellow lotus gleams yellow, red lotus gleams red, white lotus gleams white, and subtle incense drifts along”.

If the mind is reflected in this pond, it will surely appear calm, without a ripple or a spec of cloud, without dithering or suffering, just like a mirror. I drew a figure that mirrored such a mind.



Media: Wood, acrylic paint, and silver leaf
Size: About 18cm×120cm


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