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Tōryu Mon (The Gateway to Success)


A rapidly flowing stream, upstream of the Yellow River, cuts Mt. Ryumonzan apart. And, legend has it that any carp that successfully gets to the top of this stream, can turn into a dragon. In connection with this story, a barrier that one needs to break through to become an accomplished person is now called Tōryu Mon (a dragon gate on the top).

Understanding that I myself am being tested variously in the environment, I drew this with a wish that I become like a dragon myself after overcoming those hardships. The figure of the body is the figure of the carp before it became a dragon, and the scales of the dragon were drawn in the background.

I painted the shape of a person along the grains of wood which appeared to look like the side view of a human body to me.


Tōryu Mon (The Gateway to Success)

Media: Wood, Gofun (powdered chalk made of shells), and acrylic
Size: About 47×34cm


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