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Suiren (Water Lily) – wooden screen for a pillow


The pale and delicate water lilies are eye catching on the Makura-byobu (wooden screen for a pillow). When I take a peep into the water of lakes and ponds, I get immense pleasure watching the activities of life in it, so I have also added water striders and tadpoles in my paintings.

Thin boards of Kiri (paulownia wood) have been joined to form a screen, on which you can enjoy the undefiled beauty of the grains of wood.

Makura-byobu functions not only as a blindfold and a good room partition, but also helps to bring a variety of sceneries into the room. The recognition of this ancient Japanese culture keeps increasing in countries abroad.

I would like you to appreciate art not only on the wall, but also by adding it to your lifestyle.



Size: About 300×120×30㎜
Media: Paulownia wood, Acrylic
Location: Privately owned in Gifu prefecture
Estimated Price: 30,0000JPY (only for painting)


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