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Shugyoso Doso-zu (Road map of Monk’s Run) – Japanese framing style


The original painting of Shugyoso Doso-zu
The annual event of Shugyoso (Monk’s Run), held in November, is a trail running race passing through Mount Minobu, where the head temple of Nichiren sect is located, and Mount Shichimen on which the guardian deity of Lotus Sutra lives.

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“Shugyoso Doso-zu” was initially created as prizes for the winners of the ‘Shugyoso’ Long Course race called “Shichimen Shoryu (dragon climbing up Mount Shichimen) course, which is the longest (36km) and hardest running course among other Shugyoso courses because the variation in altitude is 1,200 meters. This time, I drew it in double size and set it up in Japanese framing style.

Shugyosou Doso-zu of hanging scroll looked very tasteful because I chose motifs of dragon for the fabric of

mounting, but on the other hand, this one was mounted with my own fabric, pongee and denim, and framed with custom indigo colored rounded edges.

The same preliminary sketch was used, but with the mounting it has a ‘pop’ effect, which is rather cute.

I have received a large number of orders for the copies of the original, so I made 10 copies on Washi ready to be used. If you have any preference in mounting, I would like to meet your requirement.

The photo above is a copy of the original, having been mounted with the same fabric and denim. I selected matt black

with round edge type of frame for this.


Shugyoso Doso-zu (Road map of Monk’s Run) – Japanese framing style

Size: About 58×78.5cm (framing not included)
Media: Washi (Japanese paper), transparent watercolor, and pens
Holding: Eisui


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