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Shugyoso Doso-zu (Road map of Monk’s Run) – Hanging scroll


I have received a request for creating a hanging scroll of “Shugyoso Doso-zu”, the size of which is a bit smaller, that is, about one fourth of than the original picture, but was an appropriate size for installing as a hanging scroll.

The Kuonji-Temple of Mount Minobu is very famous for its weeping cherry trees, and the order was to mount the drawing associating it with the weeping cherry. So, I have chosen a fabric with a pattern of cherry blossoms for the mounting, which looks quite elegant.

The interesting fact about mounting is that different fabrics used for it give the drawing a totally different look.

For the mounting, I would like to satisfy each image of your choice by using a fabric, with the same mindset as when choosing the Kimono desired. So, please feel free to contact me.


Shugyoso Doso-zu (Road map of Monk’s Run)

Size: About 270×350㎜ (mounting not included)
Media: Washi (Japanese paper), transparent watercolor, and pens
Location: Houei-ji Temple in Nara prefecture


It is also being sent out here. Please take a look.
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