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The law (法) refers to the truth expounded by Shakyamuni Buddha, and the seal (印) signifies a symbol or mark. The Three Dharma Seals, namely, 'All Phenomena are Impermanent,' 'All Dharma are Not-Self,' and 'Nirvana is Peace,' are complemented by the addition of 'All is Suffering,' forming the Four Dharma Seals.

These four truths encapsulate the essence of Buddhism and are considered the foundation of Buddhist teachings.

'All Phenomena are Impermanent' (諸行無常):
The profound reality that everything undergoes constant change, and no entity remains the same even for an instant.

'All Dharma are Not-Self' (諸法無我):
The truth that all phenomena are interconnected, and nothing exists in isolation.

'Nirvana is Peace' (涅槃寂静):
The tranquil and serene state of enlightenment (Nirvana), where the flames of affliction are extinguished, representing the ultimate goal of Buddhism.

'All is Suffering' (一切皆苦):
The concept of suffering in Buddhism refers to things not going as one desires. It emphasizes the universal truth that nothing in this world unfolds according to personal wishes.

By incorporating these four truths into one's life and striving to understand various aspects, one can find solace in the face of life's injustices. Developing a discerning eye and maintaining a calm heart, it becomes possible to live in the present moment, facing any situation with gratitude and cultivating the strength to live without forgetting the appreciation for every moment. This is the aspiration and depiction of a life guided by these profound truths.



Media: Wood panel, soil, Kōsai (Japanese tube paint), mineral pigments, Gofun (powdered chalk made of shells), acrylic emulsion, tamamushi leaf, aluminum leaf
Size: P6

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