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‘Shichimen Tennyo (The Celestial Nymph of Mount Shichimen)’, Ceiling Art


Shichimen Tennyo, known to be personified as Shichimen Daimyojin (The great guardian deity of Mount Shichimen), is said to have been around 20 years of age, and beautiful. Usually, she is portrayed with “the key of Semui (to give one a fearless mind without hurting anyone)” in her right hand, and “Nyoijyu no Tama (a jewel called magic wish-fulfilling gem)” in her left hand, and seated with one foot resting on the knee of the other leg.

However, I expressed her as a little younger and as being innocent and playful.

This is in accordance with the form of the eight-year-old dragon child who appears in the 12th article of Lotus

Sutra. The girl has no connection with Shichimen Tennyo actually, but I was unable to stop imagining

Shichimen Tennyo as a girl who playfully runs and flies across the skies. Hence I ended up expressing her in this way.


‘Shichimen Tennyo (The Celestial Nymph of Mount Shichimen)’


Holding: Iwataya Dojo (place of Buddhist practice or meditation) in Koujyu, Hayakawa town, Minami koma-gun, Yamanashi prefecture


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