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Renge Suiun-zu (Lotus in swirling waters, clouds above)


In this art work two paintings – with lotus flowers in swirls of water and clouds above, have been arranged on either side of the Odaimoku (words of Nichiren Buddhist chanting) as murals behind the memorial tablets and facing the prayer seats. There are clouds in the sky drawn with white lines on the golden background, which is typical of my work. I used shining blue ink with pearl for the pond, and arranged vibrant leaves, and red and white flowers and buds in the middle.

The hall of the memorial tablets tends to be solemn and dark, but I have painted this colorfully and with dedication, hoping that visitors can be cheered up, knowing that their ancestors are watching them from their spectacular heavenly abode.


Renge Suiun-zu (Lotus in swirling waters, clouds above)

Size: About 84×400cm
Medium: Acrylic
Location: The hall of the memorial tablets of Zenkoku-ji temple, Nagasawa, Fujikawa-town, Minami koma-gun, Yamanashi prefecture


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