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Painting on Bokken (Wooden Sword)『Blue Dragon with clouds』


In Nichiren Buddhism, sounds, by striking special prayer beads on a piece of wood shaped like a sword called Bokken is created during prayers. I drew a blue dragon to wrap around this wooden sword.

Robust trees are used for making the Bokken (wooden sword) to produce a powerful and melodious sound, and the color is different depending on the kind of tree.

I kept a blank space on the upper part of the Bokken, on which the Buddhist strikes the prayer beads, and painted the back of the Bokken so that those who are attending the prayer service can also see the dragon deity.

A special coating is done for preservation. However, please note that the painting could be chipped off after using for a long time.


『Blue Dragon with clouds』

Size: About 230×50×15mm
Media: Acrylic
Holding: Holy priest Seto of Nichiren sect in Iwaki city of Fukushima prefecture


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