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‘Karyobinga Hirai-zu’ (The Flying Karyobinga), Painting on a name plate with contributors’ names written on it


Karyobinga is an imaginary creature, the upper half the body of which is a human the lower half a bird, and it sings in a beautiful voice in the celestial world. Just like Hiten (celestial being) does, it is often portrayed as scattering flower petals out in the air and playing music with the flute and drum.

This work, ordered from Keishin-in Temple of Mount Shichimen has been drawn as a decoration of a board on which the names of the donors who have contributed for the restoration project of this temple, done for the first time in 230 years. The name tags with the names of many of these contributors have been inserted within the frame.

I have made an allusion to the celestial world by surrounding the name tags with clouds, placing lotuses on the ground and Karyoubinga in the skies above, as if these contributors are being invited to the spectacular celestial world. The grains of the wooden board being greatly diverse, it was a challenge to apply a base coat and create an uninterrupted artwork. However, as usual, the splendor was enhanced by the presence of such grains.


Size: About 190×240cm
Media: Acrylic

Holding: Keishin-in Temple of Mount Shichimen, Nichiren sect, Minobu town of Yamanashi prefecture


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