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Karyobinga Hirai-zu (Flying Karyoubinga)- Painting on book holder


Karyobinga is an imaginary creature, half the body of which is a bird and the other half a human, and it is said that it sings like a bird with a sweet voice in the pure land of Buddha. It has the glamour of possessing fine aspects of both Hoo-oo (Phoenix) and Hiten (Celestial being).

The product shown in the picture looks gorgeous because I painted not only the screen but also the supporting stand. The pattern looks different depending on colors used such as gold color or any other color.

It is possible to replicate your favorite image as per your wish.

A special finishing coat to the surface makes it possible for the painting to be cleaned easily by wiping with a soft damp, well wrung cloth.


Karyobinga Hirai-zu (Flying Karyoubinga)

Size: About 35×75cm
Media: Acrylic
Holding: Eisui
Holding: Houyou-ji ( Tokyo,Japan )


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