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‘Hanamaru Tenjyo’ (Floral Circles on the Ceiling), Main Hall Ceiling Art


I drew colorful seasonal flowers, including wildflowers, carefully and sincerely, on each section of the coffered ceiling in the main hall.

I designed the ceiling interspersed with not only popular flowers for ceiling arts, such as deluxe Yuri (lily) and Shakuyaku (Chinese peony), but also with simple and small seasonal flowers, so I think that the gentle personalities of the holy priest and his wife are successfully expressed.

Traditionally, flowers are drawn in the direction of the grains in the wood, so if the direction of the grains on each

ceiling board differs, the direction of the respective flower changes accordingly. However, I drew the flowers not according to the grains of wood, but all in the same direction, so that when you look out across the ceiling, you can enjoy the artwork without changing your viewing position.

I have written the name of each contributor beside the respective floral circle, so that their names remain etched in the temple to be remembered for a long time in future.

Sliced wood paper of Keyaki (zalcova seratta), which has beautiful grains, is used for the ceiling boards rather than solid wood, so the art can be preserved with less worry of warping and breaking due to humidity.


‘Hanamaru Tenjyo’ (Floral Circles on the Ceiling)


〒400-0505 山梨県南巨摩郡富士川町長澤607


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