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Fuji Raikou-zu (Mount Fuji in Sunrise) / Fuji Gekkou-zu (Mount Fuji in Moonlight)


Sunrise as seen from Mount Shichimen, is portrayed in a series of many paintings I have done up to now.

In the beginning, I would simply draw with gold and white color, but gradually another image has appeared with clarity in my mind. Since then, I started wanting to express the image as “sunlight and moonlight”.

Rokkyoku Issou is the style of Byobu (folding screen) art in which a pair of six-folding screens is created as a single composition.

“Fuji Raikou-zu” represents a vivid sea of clouds emerging on the brilliant morning sun. It is a scenery that is crystal clear everywhere, with the sun brightly facing it.

When I watch “Fuji Gekkou-zu” that represents the raging sea of clouds, in the darkness, I feel that the sound of moans come out of nowhere. It is an emotional landscape of the pale moonlight which seems to reflect even the darkness of the heart.

Yin and yang (positive and negative) in one landscape.

In this work, I have likened the mind of a person to a landscape. Each person has both Yin and Yang, but we cannot be judgmental about these contradictory forces because that’s just how it is. Fuji Raikou-zu expresses the stable mind, whereas Fuji Gekkou-zu expresses the struggling mind. The same person and the same view, but sometimes they look totally different!

Though it looks as if it has been mounted, I actually drew directly on the wooden screen reproducing Wasarasa Chintz (Japanese calico) so that you can enjoy its unique flavour.

Furthermore, the wooden Byobu is heavy, so it will not be blown away by the wind.

It is ideal for use in the field events including open-air tea ceremony.


Size: About 1800×3600×40㎜
Media: Wooden board and acrylic
Holding: Eisui
price:“Fuji Raikou-zu” 3,000,000JPY,“Fuji Gekkou-zu” 3,000,000JPY


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