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Circle ~eloquence~


Geisha, a cultural icon in Japan, is widely recognized even outside the country. As a Japanese individual, I had seen photos but never had the opportunity to witness a live performance or engage in a conversation with one. It was during the opening ceremony of an exhibition that I had my first encounter with the mesmerizing beauty of a geisha's dance and had the privilege to converse with her.

To become a geisha, one must leave their family at a young age and move to Kyoto alone. The journey involves facing numerous competitors, continuously honing their skills in the world of dance. The geisha not only polishes her art but also absorbs the essence of being a cultural inheritor in Japan—manners, language, mindset, and way of life. It is not something taught but acquired silently by observing and living alongside senior members of the community. Over time, it becomes an integral part of their being, transforming into a unique aura.

This aura, though beautiful, exuded an air of youthful determination, backed by a strong will and an intimidating grace rooted in tradition. I sensed an unspoken strength, a hidden power supporting the true beauty of Japan that cannot be instantly acquired but is cultivated behind the scenes.

I chose to portray her holding a lotus flower, a symbol often associated with Buddhism, with the subtitle "Eloquence," representing the flower's language.


Circle ~eloquence~

Media: Wood panel, soil, Kōsai (Japanese tube paint), mineral pigments, acrylic emulsion, gold leaf, alumimum foil
Size: P25


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