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<Handling of Personal Information>

1. Approach to the Protection of Personal Information

Eisui (hereinafter referred to as "we") collects and uses information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc., to smoothly carry out our business operations. We recognize the significant responsibility of appropriately protecting this personal information, and under the following policy, we handle personal information:

(1) We comply with laws and other relevant regulations regarding the protection of personal information, and adhere to practices generally recognized as fair and reasonable in handling personal information. We also strive for continuous improvement in handling.

(2) We clearly define regulations regarding the handling of personal information and thoroughly inform our employees. We also request appropriate handling from business partners.

(3) Personal information is publicly disclosed with specified purposes, and we handle it according to those purposes.

(4) To prevent leakage, loss, tampering, etc., of personal information, we implement necessary measures and manage it appropriately.

(5) We sincerely respond to requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, and usage suspension from individuals regarding the personal information we hold through the designated contact point.

(6) We regularly review and improve the content of each item mentioned above regarding the handling of personal information.

2.Purpose of Use

We will use your personal information for the following purposes:

(1) Business-related communication.

(2) Fulfillment of contracts (provision of products, services, etc.).

(3) Information about products and services handled by us.

(4) Information about seminars and exhibitions organized, co-organized, sponsored, or supported by us.

(5) Requests for surveys, such as customer satisfaction surveys.

(6) Responses to inquiries, requests, etc., from individuals.

(7) Other purposes reasonably deemed necessary to carry out our business.

(8) Other purposes disclosed to you in advance.
 Additionally, to facilitate our business operations, we may entrust some of our business to subcontractors, and in such cases, we select subcontractors that meet our standards, enter into contracts regarding the handling of personal information, and provide appropriate supervision.

3.Use for Purposes Other Than Those Stated Above

Unless permitted by law, we will seek your consent before using your personal information for purposes other than those stated in "2. Purpose of Use."

4.Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties

 Except for cases mentioned in "2. Purpose of Use" and when entrusting personal information to subcontractors, we will not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties, unless:

(1) We have obtained your consent.

(2) We disclose or provide statistical data or other information that cannot identify individuals.

(3) We are required to disclose or provide information based on legal obligations.

(4) It is necessary for the protection of life, body, or property, and obtaining your consent is difficult.

(5) Cooperation is necessary for national or local government agencies to carry out public duties, and obtaining your consent may hinder the performance of such duties.

5.Contact Information for Personal Information Inquiries

For inquiries about your personal information or requests for disclosure, correction, usage suspension, deletion, etc., please contact the following personal information inquiry desk:

[Customer Consultation Desk] Eisui



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